Friday, January 17, 2014

Mental Fitness #3

The question on the last post was: Who is the most important person to you?

The answer to the question that I asked on the last post is whoever you are with at that moment. Most people may have said that YOU are the most important person, but that is not true.

The only time you are the most important person is when you are the only person present. Most of the time we are by ourselves anyway either in our head or literally -while running errands, working out, doing chores, working in the office, or driving- but if you are with another person, then that person should be your priority. 

I asked the question, because when we spend most of the time by ourselves then we should treat ourselves as if we are our best friend. That means that it's very important to give your friend what she/he needs. If it's working out, or eating cleaner foods, or working on a project you enjoy, then time should be carved out of the day to enjoy those things. 

Sometimes people get depressed from not achieving their workout or fitness goal and then frankly just give up, because there seems to be an endless amount of stuff to do for others, but never enough time for oneself. 

Your friendship with yourself is key. Spend time nourishing your body on foods that make it feel good. Feel the difference between the foods that hurt you psychologically or physically and those that make your body feel good inside. If however you feel like something that is not too nourishing, enjoy. Don't make yourself feel like you shouldn't have had it. That's crazy and sets yourself up for failure. 

If Zumba is a good fit to get some exercise in, don't try to make yourself do weight training. At the same time, don't buy a membership to a gym if you are not the type of person who truly sees her/himself using it. There are so many options now a days to get fit, that you shouldn't try to fit into a category. 

A few years back, I bought a kettlebell.  While it cost around $70.00, it's certainly cheaper than a membership or monthly dues somewhere, and it can be done inside the living room or in the garage and travels well. 

Next time I'll talk about expectation, a good subject for anyone who has them.


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