Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm Back from I don't know where

I took a hiatus. I didn't mean to be gone so long. I am still on track for my competition, but I just got so busy, and then didn't feel like blogging. 

So this is what has been going on....

I ended up talking to our health insurance / husband's company's work fitness coach a few weeks ago. He wanted to check in with me to find out how my fitness goals were progressing. 

Long story short...he said that I might think about cycling my carbs. What? you say....

He explained this process of where you have a high and low and medium day of carbs, but along with that you do some other things to your fat and protein intake. 

On the high day of carbs, you would limit drastically your fat intake. On medium days of carbs you would balance out your carbs and fat and protein....kind of like what I have been doing the whole time.

On the low days of carbs, I would increase my protein and fat, and drastically limit my carbs. 

So why do this?
Well, he explained that you can pull your body out of a rut. It's kind of like interval training for the physical body. Carb cycling is for jump starting your metabolism so that you can continue to lose weight. 

He said he does this a few months out from a competition. He happened to be a fitness coach who also does body building. 

So, at the end of the conversation, I was exhausted, and just ended up sticking to eating my bars for two meals and my eggs and all the other things I  have mentioned in the past. 

Also, I felt a little scared to try something new after he told me that I might put on a few pounds, only to drop them later. He said this process really helps to see the muscles show through.

Am I going to do this? I don't know. The funny thing is that I decided to take two evenings off of my nutrition program and eat whatever. It felt so good. Then, I got right back on my program. Not easy! But I did it. 

...and guess what? 
I dropped a few pounds over that now my size 2 jeans fit (ha!)

I haven't done the carb cycling since...and he's supposed to check in with me in a month. HMMMM...we'll see if I do it. 

FYI: I'm totally crazy about kettle bell workouts vs. weight lifting. It's so much easier on the joints. Invest in a good one and get it from Paul Daniels at
They are the right kettle bells to get, when there are so many inferior ones on the market. 

I'm also getting ready for another ski trip. I thought I was done for the season, but I just have to get away again. It's just so wonderful to have some quiet, peaceful, and selfish time in nature being a little dare devil down the mountain.

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