Saturday, February 16, 2013

Update on Carb Cycling

So my friend calls me yesterday and says she saw my blog and says to me that I should probably carb cycle. 

I probably agree with her, but I'm fighting having to change up my routine. These changes cause me anxiety and frustration at having to reevaluate my nutrition program. 

Just like anybody who has to go through a change where one does not know exactly what the outcome will be is hard to do. 

Yesterday, I was reading more about carb cycling. One article pointed out that it's a good idea to drop the cardio and strictly do weight training. Since the body has to restrict carbs one out of three days, we don't want the body getting out of control hungry, and the weight training is sufficient as a "cardio" machine used to burn fat. Am I going to drop the cardio? NO WAY:)

Further information on carb cycling explains that the carbs will be high one day, fat almost nothing, and protein grams proportionate to body weight. That day, the body may feel like one has over eaten, but the type of carbs you are allowed to eat is not open ended. The body may gain weight, but after a time on the cycling, the body can drop significant weight leading up to a competition. 

I'm going to pull a mock nutrition plan together tonight or tomorrow and see if I'm willing to try this new method. 

I'm fighting it from within, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to entertain the possibility or even try it. It could very well prove to be exciting and rewarding.

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