Saturday, February 19, 2011

Changing your food

I get very set in my ways about what I like or want to eat. Last year when I competed I pretty much got into a routine of eating certain foods like: yams, chicken, ground turkey, broccoli, and added various toppings to add texture and spice to the meal.

As I am currently training now, I eat similar foods, but I'm using the crockpot all the time so that I don't have to stress about how to fit in making dinner for the family with such a busy life. I have found a slew of lowfat recipes that are tasty and nutritious. 

Another reason for making crockpot meals is because they provide a good alternative to the comfort foods I like. Two days ago I made "better than mom's chicken soup". It had lots of shredded white chicken, carrots, parsnips, pearl onions, and spices. I made some tasty dinner roles that the children ate, but I didn't. Then later that day I used the crockpot for making a berry cobbler for the children. They topped it with Golden Spoon vanilla frozen yogurt. They loved the meal, and I loved that I wasn't preparing a different meal for myself.

Yesterday I was at Costco. I picked up some frozen spinach & potato burgers. Instead of toasting or broiling them as suggested I slid them into the microwave. Yum! An excellent profile and easy on-the-go carb.
13 days and counting.....

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