Monday, October 11, 2010

Do you like the foods on your diet?

Many of us have tried the oldest to the newest diet fad at some point in our lives. Did it really work? Did we get the results we wanted? Why do we follow a fad even though they usually don't work? We put so much heart and soul into believing or wanting to believe that "this will be the diet that works".  Then we fail and we blame ourselves for not being able to stick to it.  If we failed to look at whether those types of foods will work for us, the preparation of those foods will work for us, or how often we are allowed to eat, no wonder the program didn't work. It probably had nothing to do with will power as it had to do with the program just not being right for how each of us lives.

It's kind of sad to put place so much power in the hands of others when most of us probably know what to do. I assume that most of us know that the best foods to eat are vegetables, fruits, quality proteins, and quality fats. We have to be careful not to eat too much or we won't lose weight. We also have to be careful not to eat too little or we will lose muscle or become ravenous and want to eat everything. It is a delicate balance. With some practice, however, it is manageable and completely possible.

What I eat may not be what you like or want to eat. For example, today for breakfast I ate a protein, banana, peanut butter smoothie as usual. For snack I had 1 hard boiled egg and 1 apple. For lunch I ate ground lean turkey, a few slices of sweet potato and some homemade salsa. My second snack included 1 Greek nonfat yogurt and 12 almonds. I ate 1 corn on the cob, ground lean turkey, and 7 unsalted cashews for dinner, and after my evening workout I had 1/2 scoop protein powder.

What I ate today may not be what somebody else would want to eat. That's okay. There are so many foods that are nutritious and will allow the body to transform just as easily as my program. The key is finding the foods that will be comforting and satiating on a daily basis. For instance, some people may prefer oatmeal and egg whites in the morning, another person may want 2 corn tortillas, scrambled egg whites, and a cup full of salsa and make them into morning tacos. In my opinion it would be better to start with foods that you will ultimately feel good about. I wouldn't worry about how much food you are eating as long as the food is quality. After a few weeks just eating well without having to place so much pressure on oneself to eat a certain proportion might be a more realistic goal.

Tomorrow my taste buds will probably change. I may feel like trading in a lunch for a dense 300 calorie protein bar. Sometimes I need my little treats and so I will grab a peanut butter and chocolate protein bar instead. It's important to change things up. I'm not a robot and cannot eat the same foods every day. Yesterday, I ate steel head trout (from Costco's frozen fish section) at both the afternoon and evening meals. I had sweet potato with one and broccoli with the other. If you haven't had the steel head trout, it's a must! It's so good.

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