Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emotional Update

The last few days have been fantastic. The emotional crazies have passed. I think that allowing oneself to go through the emotions, not denying oneself the need to express those emotions, not doing anything to sabotage the hard work, and always keeping in mind that "this too will pass", are all key in the process of succeeding.

That's not to say that if one doesn't take all these steps that one is not being successful. We all define success in various ways. However, if we do what we know we should, and we have strategies to help, then we are going to be more successful the next time some crisis or crazy moment surfaces.

I have 28 days until the competition. I thought I could easily go through this month easily, because I have been consistent and dedicated. However, that appears not to be entirely true. Part of the difficulty stems from the fact that I'm at a pretty good weight to compete right now. The other part of me just wants to relax a little and eat something different that has more fat!

I feel more rigid and structured right now, almost like I was in the beginning of this process four months ago. The anticipation of the "end" is nearing and because I want to relax I am doing just the opposite.

If you are in the beginning, middle, or end of your transformation, DON"T GIVE UP! Have another cup of tea and just be with your thoughts and feelings and breath. Know that I'm doing just about the same thing daily.

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