Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Getting used to change

Getting used to change is difficult. I've had 5 weeks now of homeschooling the girls and the past two days I'm feeling much calmer. The past two days have been quite enjoyable. However, I did have a slight melt down three days ago when I was trying to teach one of the girls something new and she just didn't get it. I felt like I was spending all our hours homeschooling trying to get her to understand. Time was slipping by and I felt frustrated that there was other work to complete. I went to the public school and spoke with her teacher from last year. I wanted to find out where they were in their curriculum to see if I was behind. "Rest assured" she said, "you are ahead of us". That news came as a relief. I realized that I'm doing okay. So the past few days have been much more relaxing.

Okay, so how does this stuff translate into my bikini competition training? While my committment to train and not lose sight of my goal is vital to my success, it seems that other parts of my life also need attention, but cannot overwhelm me to such a degree that I sabotage all my efforts. It would be so easy to just say "forget this", "I need a break", "I don't need all this stress", or "maybe another time I'll try again". Honestly, how many times has a person taken the easy way out and then returned and accomplished the goal that was set?

Isn't part of the attainment of a goal always interrupted by some crisis or situation that tries to take one off course? It's just life. Life is full of the unexpected. After a while one sees the pattern that the unexpected always shows up when one doesn't want it. It's a great opportunity to get a little chuckle and then say "ah ha, her it comes again"! Then just move throught the challenge with whatever coping skills or tricks one has to make the process easier.

Simply, training one's body is really about training the mind. Practice training the mind by changing in small ways. Get rid of one thing. Get rid of eating cheese one week. If that's too hard, get rid of eating white bread. If not, try getting rid of butter for one week. If you can survive one week from eating one food, then go for two weeks. Then start exercising 1/2 hour 3 times per week. 1/2 hour 3 times per week can be anything. Remember it's just a pattern you are establishing. If you cannot establish the pattern or the ritual, then you might get overwhelmed within a month of your program and quit.  Build slowly.

The mind will adapt and change when you give it time.

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