Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Balancing Fitness and Family

Hi Everyone,
So last night I said I would talk about how I am able to balance family life and workouts. I should have included my nutrition in the equation. Most of how a busy day gets accomplished is by planning and knowing exactly what is going to happen the night before.

If the children have classes and we have errands to run I make sure that I have packed enough meals in my cooler for all of us. I cannot afford to leave the house without having exactly what I am going to eat for at least 3 meals. I won't leave the house without packing enough food for the children either, because we never eat fast food. So, the night before I have already determined what we will have in our meals for the day, and what I am going to make for dinner. Then I think about when I will carve out time to do the prep work for or make dinner.

If I have to clean or do laundry that day then I make sure that I start the load of laundry before I leave the house and hopefully I have been able to put the load of clothes in the dryer sometime that afternoon when I return home for a few seconds. I don't usually clean the whole house in one day. I decide on a specific area to clean, like vaccuuming. I may just vaccuum the downstairs or the upstairs, unless I have time to do both.
Each day a little is done so that I am not overburdened on the weekend.

The other part is that the children have their chores, some consistent, some sporatic. Making their beds, getting their clothes picked out for the next morning, and self care in the morning and night are a constant. Yes, I have to do lots of reminding, which is exhausting. They must clean up their messes after playing  and clear the plates and glasses from the dining room table, and the older one usually has to read to the younger sibling at night for some quiet time. Our children are 5 and 7 years old, just in case you were wondering.

At the end of the evening, I am sometimes completely exhausted from interacting and doing for others, but I just put on my workout clothes and go downstairs where I workout in the garage. Sometimes I just sit there in a child's chair for a few minutes with my head down for some inner peace and quiet and gather strength. It doesn't really matter if my mind says I'm tired and I don't want to workout. I just get up and do it. I may swear during my workout, but I will get it done. By the end of the workout I always feel better and then I will watch mindless shows like Ultimate Fighting, Pawn Shop, or The Office. It would be a good thing to note that the television may get watched before 10pm about every 3 weeks in the house. We rarely turn it on unless a child is sick.

When I need some time away from the house and for myself I go to Paul Daniels cardio-kickboxing class in the evening if it's a cardio night. However, 3 days a week in the daytime I make arrangements for the children to be with friends (if they do not have classes) so that I can do my Kettlebell classes around noon. On those 3 days, I do not go downstairs at night to workout.

It's not easy, but then I always say to myself "who said it was supposed to be easy?"
Please feel free to comment or ask a question. I love the feedback.

Let's see.....Tomorrow I'll talk about kettlebelling and why I think it's an amazing workout.


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