Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kettlebell Training

Yesterday I said that I would talk about why I think kettlebell training is awesome. First, It's an awesome cardio workout in a short period of time. It really gets your heart rate up and your body moving. Second, it combines cardio with strength training, because you have to lift and swing the D--- kettlebell. Third, there are so many variations of movements to sculpt your body into shape. Forth, it's one piece of equipment that will not cost you as much as any one machine in your home gym. Fifth, if you are budgeted for time, this type of workout could workout really well for you. Sixth (I just thought of it), you could take the kettlebell with you on vacation and you could absolutely easily do this workout in your hotel room. 30 minutes and you are done!

Even though there are all these positive aspects to training with the kettlebell...the one thing I think is important is to learn how to use the kettlebell correctly. I say that, because after working with Paul Daniels at (  I have learned that correct posture and movement and knowledge is key to your success.

As a coach, he's acutely aware of the subtle ways the body moves and handles the kettlebell that I think make or break how I feel during and after your workout. There are ways to lift and swing and handle the kettlebell to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk to injury. As a coach, he asks questions, educates, observes, while at the same time being relaxed, firm, and makes me feel accountable for doing my best. It's a great thing when a coach can bring out the best.

Anyway, get a coach when you start out with the kettlebell. Technique is everything in kettlebell. So learn it well, so you know how to correct and adjust as needed.

Tomorrow, I'll talk about the importance of being patient & flexible during this process of trying to get into bikini competition shape.

Remember that you are only as good as what you put your effort into. How much effort is it worth?

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