Friday, July 30, 2010

Being Patient and Flexible toward a Goal

No matter how many ways it can be said, being patient and flexible toward the hopes of attaining my goal is hard. Patience comes from thinking and focusing and visualizing what I want and then not giving up.

The minute I have a thought or a focus that drives me a way from what I am trying to accomplish, I realize that I am pushing the dream further away. Then of course what follows is abandoning the work and effort I want & need to do.  It's so easy to do at moments of fatigue, stress, or feeling like the progression is too slow.

To refocus I have to stop the sabotaging thoughts by tricking myself. I do this by saying to myself "what part of the process do I need to change that will allow myself to continue making progress?" Sometimes it's changing up my diet to get some new flavors that I miss, or taking more me time,  or just doing less for everyone else in the family.

It takes effort, there is no doubt. Being acutely aware of what I need and feeding those needs, but doing so without destroying all my effort takes a lot of creativity and flexibility. It can be exhausting just having to put so much effort into thinking what to do, but if I don't what are my consequences?

Giving up is very very easy. Pushing myself to a new level is hard. I have never been there before. But can you imagine what it would be like to see yourself somewhere that you've always wanted to go & actually doing it?

I think I'd like that chance too.
Feel free to respond to any of my thoughts. It's always appreciated.


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