Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Emotional Update

Yesterday and today I have felt pretty good emotionally. I'm not angry and pissed off now. I wouldn't say that I'm excited and happy either. I'm in a place somewhere in between. I am sure that it's not too difficult to understand that when the body and mind have to go through a change that it is difficult. Success in this process comes from being able to manage one's actions by eating only the foods that will help make a successful transformation and consistently exercising and pushing the body to new levels as one is motivated or able to challenge oneself.

Inspite of all my complaining, I wouldn't put myself through this process unless I enjoyed the process. A moment on stage is just that. The challenge is really the months it takes to get to that one moment in time. I can understand why many people who exercise and diet for a prom, a reunion, a marriage, or some special event are not successful keeping off the weight after the event. The focus for all of us who have done these types of diets tends not to be successful, because it's all about the "moment" and not about the process. If one could get to the place of enjoying the process then there may be more emphasis on changing the mental state of being, and less focus on a single moment of time where "the jeans fit."

If one is to be successful then one needs to put the effort in on a daily basis to start making small changes. It doesn't mean that every day for the rest of one's life that one cannot go out to dinner, splurge on your favorite snack food, but it does mean that more time must be spent on altering one's food choices and making exercise a regular habit. In our house we don't go out to dinner evey week. Sometimes we go out once a month or maybe every two months, or maybe 3-4 times in two weeks. We are not consistent in that way, so that there are many more days that allow our entire family to stay committed to a particular nutrition and exercise schedule. Then when there are events or dinners out then we can relax more if we choose.

Kids should never be one's excuse for not eating well or exercising. Kids should eat well most of the time too. They should be eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and good fats every day. Kids will always have birthday parties to attend, and little goodies that their friends share with them, so there is really no need to go out of one's way to buy unhealthy or highly processed foods for them. If anything, kids should be the reason to be at one's best. We are role models for them. If parents are on the couch eating, or eating fast food, don't expect them to do differently.  If your refrigerator is consistently packed with easy to go grab foods that are prepackaged, don't expect the child to wait for you to clean and cut fresh fruit.

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