Monday, March 14, 2011

kettlebell strength & cheat meals

I'm always amazed at how much kettlebell increases my strength. Not only do I feel stronger, but my body feels as though every part gets worked out. I love it, because I feel that I am less inclined to have an injury, regardless of how my body moves. In 45 minutes the workout is intense, fun, and done! Tonight we did many high pulls. It's a hard move for two reasons. One it feels awkward for a while and it takes a while to get it right. Once I got it, then it's a matter of staying strong for several sets. It definitely makes me huff and puff, while it's working the back and arm muscles. It's a great exercise.

good today, just delayed at different times, because of daylight savings. I woke up late, so everything was pushed an hour or two off the normal non daylight savings schedule.

Last night:
I had a cheat meal last night only. I hadn't been getting the amount of food I have needed. Too low in fat I definitely know. So I was back on track today. I could feel that yesterday I was hungrier than normal. I didn't know if working out Saturday morning threw my schedule off, because I usually wait until the evening to workout. Either way, I need to be much more careful and get the amount of nutrition I need.

I could beat myself up, but why?! It's so not worth it. I was looking at my competition photos today. They are pretty cool, but I could tell how much work went into it.

I'm going to keep plugging away, even though I don't feel the exact desire to compete like the first time.

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