Friday, April 22, 2011

Appreciating Everything

It's been a while since I have been able to slow down and just appreciate everything that is. It is certainly nice when I feel calm, centered, and excited. I am so excited that I have found that place of calm with homeschooling. I have spent so much time researching, practicing how to do it, and learning so much from other homeschoolers. It's exciting to see how much the children enjoy being home with their family and learning and studying and playing so much more than I ever thought. I love it when they just cannot get enough of science projects or historical information or reading or being read to. Their bouncy and happy and THAT is the place I've been wanting to get to that makes me feel that the time sacrificed for them has been worth it. And the other fantastic part about the whole thing is that homeschooling is not as stressful as being the chauffeur back and forth to school, to classes, to this, and that, only to spend an hour together each day at night, before it all starts all over again the next morning.

My Body:
The weight will come off, the exercising will just get better. And then, last night I was thinking during my kettlebell class how awesome it's going to be this time around when I reach my goal, because I am working out with a heavier kettlebell. So that was exciting, because it will be something different this time around.
I haven't had any struggles so far with working out or eating well. Tonight the family had pizza and I had homemade turkey meatballs I made last night and raw cauliflower. Then of course, my favorite, TEA!

Tonight is a running night, a good shower, some research, and off to bed.

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