Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stupid Excuses

It was hard for me to continue my process towards another competition, so I just gave up. My focus on homeschooling and my husband was training for the last 4 months towards his competition, and I found it too difficult to focus on myself. Even though I have gone back and forth with my efforts, I can still feel the desire inside to compete again. My husband finished his competition last Saturday, and Monday I started focusing on my nutrition and exercise plan. I thought it would be easier to train with my husband, but it wasn't. I don't think it  had as much to do with him as it had to do with my lack of focus. Although I'd like to think that my  lack of commitment had much to do with his 100% commitment to the process. Anyway, I have absolutely no idea when I would compete next. Right now, my focus is on staying consistent for 1 month, with daily goals of staying focused on nutrition and exercise.

Nutrition Change - Ups:
I've changed some of my nutrition. I can go a long time without changing too many things in my diet, but then all of a sudden I need to change things around. I'm eating brown rice, some whole grain rice cakes, instead of my broccoli or yogurts. I've been eating my protein bars at my 3rd meals, but I'm thinking of changing them once in a while to a rice cake with peanut butter instead. I really like the taste of whole foods more than supplements, eventhough the supplements are easy and convenient when I'm in a hurry or on the go.

I'll still do kettlebell 3x/week with Paul Daniels. He's an awesome coach for so many reasons and he knows how to get my body into competition condition. I'll run and do weight room training on the other days, but the weight room training is really going to be the most difficult for me, because I've been in a mode of just running on the off days from kettlebell.

Future goals:
My goal of getting into competition is very very far away, but it's really okay. I don't really have any regrets about starting from square one. I've learned so much about other things in my life during the last several months, that there is no way to regret when I've gained so much in other areas. Now, it will be the challenge of being able to get back into competition shape. Then after that is completed, I just want to maintain a low healthy body weight and excellent conditioning for 1 full year and practice the maintainence part.
"a rocky road provides lots of challenges for one's mind, body, and stamina"

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