Monday, May 16, 2011

It's still possible to keep on track with crazy busy days

Today, the girls and I left the house at 8:30am to go to homeschooling Legoland day in Carlsbad. We stayed until 5pm closing. I think we left the parking lot at 5:20pm. It was a huge day as all days are whenever visiting an amusement park. We carpooled with another homeschooling family, and arrived back in Ladera Ranch at 6:10pm. As quickly as I could I jumped out of her car, ran into her bathroom to change into Kettlebell clothing, transferred all the stuff, including the kids, into my car, and met my husband in the parking lot of Cal Elite where I take Kettlebell at 6:30pm on Mondays. It was insane to say the least. When I arrived in the parking lot, I pulled up along side my husband's car, jumped out with water bottle and keys in hand, and made it to class 2 minutes late. The class just started.

It was an okay, but not great day of food intake. I had my typical banana/peanut butter/ protein shake at home in the morning. Then, snack was my typical 1 pear and 1 hard boiled egg. Lunch consisted of lettuce, 1 Tbs or less of fat free ranch, pepperocinis, 4 bean salad drained from the brine, 4 oz white chicken meat.
Snack at 3pm was a protein bar. Since we left the park at 5:20, I ate my 2nd protein bar for dinner at 5:30pm. I'm not too into having more than 1 protein bar a day, but it was the best I could do considering.

Total calories for the day:
400+200+300+300+300=1500 calories today (estimated on the high side).
walking from 10am-5pm
Kettlebell class from 6:30-7:30pm

Even though today was an extreme day of doing it all, going to kettlebell felt wonderful. It was me time, building muscle time, and sweat time. It was great!

I know I like to cave in after a hard day of doing so much, but exercising really helps to make my insides and outsides feel much better than not doing the class at all. Something changes in my body and mind that makes it all worth it.

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