Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day Celebration

So, the second half of the story from the other night was that the girls and I came home Sunday (Mothers Day) from our trip away from home.  My husband wanted to do something special for me, because it was both our Anniversary and Mother's Day that weekend. Knowing that I can only eat certain types of foods, he had prepared a favorite Cajon Shrimp dish, the Vietnamese-Asian salad I posted last week, some cooked vegetables (undressed), and surprised me with a wonderful dessert --an Edible Fruit Creation. We had never had one before, but it was really great.

He had invited my family over for dinner as well. The reason why I'm sharing this information is because here it is a special occassion and the temptation or desire would be to have a meal that wasn't so healthy. Why? because it always feels wonderful to taste food with FAT in it! I'm sure most of us are programmed to think of celebrations as a great time to pig out or just eat whatever. But I wasn't going to and my husband was really great about making dinner and inviting others over to celebrate, knowing that the food he prepared was mostly FAT FREE. Wow! That's a hard one to do when you have guests over.

What is most noteworthy about the experience is that the program that we have inside of our heads can be changed, and we can still enjoy the festivities without all the fat, overindulgence of calories and carbohydrates.

Tonight's Workout:
Kettlebells for 45 minutes with thebodywarehouse.com at 6:15pm.

Food Intake:
8:30am: same smoothie as always in the morning. (4ooc)
1030am: pear and 1 hard boiled egg (>200c)
1pm: 2 left over Cajun shrimp + left over Vietnamese-Asian salad (250c)
3pm: Promax peanut butter crunch protein bar (290c)
5:30pm: I made a low fat turkey Stroganoff for the family, but before I added some of the more dense calorie foods to the final part of the meal, I took out some of the onion, celery, carrot, olive oil, ground turkey, beef broth mixture, and added it to a small portion of brown rice for MY DINNER. (350c max)

= maximum 15oo c ( I usually round-up).

Thank you for the comments! It's great to hear what you have to say!

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