Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 weeks to go and feeling a little complacent

Just when I thought I was feeling like I was in a groove with my eating and exercise, it changed. I am still on track with my exercise and nutrition program, but I'm getting a little tired of how long I've been keeping this pace up. I feel hungry once in a while, and then I drink tea. Tonight I had a 1/2 Tablespoon with dinner (green beans, carrots, and lean ground turkey meatloaf). I was just so hungry after dinner. I think it's a combination of having workouts that are more intense, burning more calories, and needing more food. I'm trying to be careful about how much I am eating, because I still would like to lose another 4-6 pounds.

I'm excited about competing, and I think I just might be ready in time for October 30th. At the same time, the strict nutrition and exercise program is wearing me down some. I haven't been exercising as vigorously on the weekends, so that I can give my body a rest a little bit more. My body might be saying it's needing more rest.

Also...I haven't been blogging as much, because I've been consumed with this whole life change into homeschooling my children. I am relaxed at times and a nervous wreck at other times. Then I go back and have another large cup of tea to relax my nerves. It really does the trick for me. I think all of us need those little tricks that help us get through tough moments without sabotaging.

Trying to balance all of the stuff going on is tough. I know it's one day or one moment at a time, and asking myself to do everything, always, can be stressful. Piano has really taken a backseat in the last few months and now I'm really missing my practice time. I'll probably have to set a goal of sitting down to the piano for 15-20 minutes a day instead of 1-2 hours. In this way, at least I'll be sitting down to practice a little. I know I'll be able to do all of the stuff I have to do, it's just organizing, prioritizing, and putting some effort into some stuff while other stuff gets more of my attention.

This past weekend my daughter had her first gymnastic competition. Afterwards, all of us parents and our children went to Souplantation. That was hard! It would have been nice to relax and have a nice big salad, but I had two glasses of water. It was a little past 1pm, and I had already finished the lunch I packed in the car on the way to the restaurant. I am still maintaining my 5-6 meals per day, at the exact hours of 8/830am, 1030am, 1pm, 3pm, 530pm, and sometimes at 930pm. Having the consistent meals at the same time really helps me to stay on track and keeps me from getting those nasty cravings.

Anyway, I know I had a lot of things to blah blah about. I hope it was at least interesting or helpful.
I'm a little "down in the dumps" right now. I think I'll go take a shower, get bundley in my p.j's and watch some UFC!


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