Monday, September 20, 2010

Stress and Cheating

So last night I ended up having a few munchies, something I hadn't done at all. I think there were several reasons why. For one, I don't think I had been eating as much as I should have been the last few days. Secondly, I have been so busy I was relying on protein bars for my 1pm meal instead of chicken and broccoli (or something similar). The bars don't have as much staying power in the body as real food. Last of all, (although less a contributing factor) is the stress from being so incredibly busy. Homeschooling my kids is taking its toll on me. It's a difficult transition for me. I'm never too sure from one day to the next if I'm going to cave in and send them back to public school. I know the kids like being home with "mom" and that they seem very happy, but I'm also very aware that I may not be able to do it with less stress. We'll see.

Anyway, last night I had some homemade chili I made for the family and one 1/2" thick piece of banana bread. It really tasted good! The homemade chili was fine to have in all honesty. It was the banana bread I know I should not have had, because of the sugar and white flour. Later that evening I was still hungry. So I thought and thought and thought. I decided to keep to the foods I normally eat, but just have what my body seemed like it needed. I ate 3 pieces of turkey (cold cuts). Cold cuts are not on my program, but at least it was a protein! Then, I had 1/2 fresh mango. Yum. Then I had 1 whole grain, no salt, rice cake with peanut butter. I probably had 2 rounded tablespoons of organic peanut butter. I just love peanut butter. That was it.

In addition, I didn't work out yesterday (Sunday). I normally workout 6 days a week, but decided I wanted and needed a day off. Paul (from said that I should be taking another day off anyway and my body probably needed the extra food. He's probably right or else I wouldn't have had that cheat meal nor taken the day off.

This morning at Kettlebell with Paul I felt energized and much happier, other than the fact that I don't like the feeling of knowing I "cheated". Oh well. Last night before bed I spent some time thinking and regrouping, so that in the morning I would be right back on track.

Today has been a perfect nutrition and exercise day. I ate exactly how I need to and had a wonderful kettlebell class.

I smiled to myself during kettlebell, because I remembered that Paul has that advertisement in his newsletter that says "burn 12oo calories in 35 minutes...doing Kettlebell". Today at Kettlebell, I am sure I burned 1200 that should cover the extra calories I ate last night!

FYI: I'm at 111.5 lbs. (well....before I ate my extra meal last night!)
110lbs is my 2nd big goal.

I have 5 weeks until my competition. I can't believe it's coming up so soon.
I am hoping to lose just a few more pounds. I'd like to be just under 110 lbs.

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