Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bikini Pictures

Posing Suits:
My timing is a little off! I know I was supposed to post pictures a long time ago, but did not. Sorry.
Anyway, here are the two posing suits that I was contemplating. I decided to return the green one. The green one didn't fit correctly. It felt too big. I know, it doesn't look it, but it didn't hold me as well as the purple one. I put them on first thing in the morning, so I am not wearing any make-up and my hair is not brushed, just quickly put into a ponytail.

I have yet to put on the make-up I intend to wear. Now that I have 6 weeks left until the competition, I will start practicing my posing. Remember, I am going into a bikini competition, so the muscle definition doesn't have to be as extreme as a figure competitor. Figure competitors show absolutely every stitch of muscle. It's a very different category. Bikini competitors have to look fit, but should be shapely. Too much definition could have one lose the competition. Since it will be my first competition and first time trying to get fit to this level, I thought I would start out with what I consider an easier level.

This next 6 weeks of nutrition and exercise is extremely important to maintain. Even though I go through my ups and downs emotionally, because of feeling hungry at times or tired, I think I've grown and learned so much along the way about being able to endure. Finding new ways to cope and calm my nerves and frustration has made me happier, not just because my body is fit, but because my mind feels stronger.
Taking myself through this process of learning and practicing to be consistent and persistent has made me see that I am capable of dealing with just about anything that comes my way.

"Dieting"  or getting "really fit" does not seem so much about losing weight as it is about gaining new freedoms. I think the freedoms I have gained are all mental. Mentally I'm tougher, but more relaxed. I am more at peace and my thoughts about what I can do are broadened by the strength I've gained from going the distance and not giving in at any point. I don't feel distracted or feel sucked in by my desires to have something I want just because I can (let's say if we are talking about a desert or good smelling popcorn at the theatre).

In addition, for the number of times I have just ran on the treadmill when I didn't want to or put my all into a kettlebell or weight training session when I wasn't feeling "it", I think that I have always felt better when I did what I was supposed to do in spite of my "feelings".

I had to stick the tag of the bathing suit inside the it looks a little weird, huh?

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