Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paul Daniels Workout

Here are a few pictures of me doing kettlebell. Honestly, I can't believe how many different moves I can do with the kettlebell, and I know that there are so many more I haven't learned. There are many people I talk with who have never tried kettlebell or may not know what kettlebell workouts are all about. I'm not surprised, but it's very exciting just how easy it is to burn so many calories in such a short amount of time while being able to sculpt the body.

Today, I did rows for my back, presses for my lats and arms, squats for my legs, swings for my entire body, and of course the reality is that every move pretty much works the entire body, because you keep your core strong and tight while using the kettlebell. I love the fact that squats and lunges take the pressure off of the knees and back, I don't have any joint problem, and I really don't need to do any more weight training with dumbbells or other gym equipment. Now, the reality is that I love working out with gym equipment and I most likely will not stop, but I love the fact that I could stop and just do Kettlebells and still get all the great muscle definition in a shorter amount of time.

Today, like most days, the girls go with me to Kettlebell in the late morning now that I am homeschooling them. It works out well, because I teach them for a few hours in the morning and then they have a break when I get to workout. Paul is awesome with the kids and doesn't seem to mind that they act silly and are total goof balls.

Still at 112 pounds.

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