Thursday, January 6, 2011

100% is mental

While food and exercise are critical to reaching one's goal, the mental challenge is always ANOTHER 100% of the battle. Right now I'm in a very good place mentally. I am focused and excited, but that doesn't mean that during any given moment in a day that I don't feel challenged by obstacles on my mind. For instance, knowing that I have a family birthday party to attend or knowing that I'll be traveling for a few days next month, or will go out with friends makes the 4 month consistency plan more complicated.

Unfortunately relaxing the food or exercise is not an option and staying focused requires me to always keep the goal in the front of my thoughts. Just thinking about "well how about a one time or one meal cheat" is just not something that I will let enter my mind. When I think about it this way it's a little depressing. I know the sacrifices and there's kind of a loss or a sadness that happens knowing that I will not relax just a little. But the rewards are great! To achieve something that I thought was not possible with my body or in my mind benefits me more than just having a nice body. It's well worth the sacrifice and the mental pain I have been through once before.

Just look at it this way, if you have never tried something, but really want it, and are willing to make just a tiny step in a direction that is terribly uncomfortable and unbearable each week, you will have strengthened the best muscle in your body "your mind"
One step forward is one step forward...

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