Thursday, January 6, 2011

Keeping the kitchen well stocked

It's so important to keep the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator well stocked with the foods I need to eat. Right now, I don't have my favorite pepperocinis or red bell peppers, but I have salsa. I was okay for today and will be okay for tomorrow, but tomorrow I will need to go the grocery store to buy these two items. Also, It always seems necessary to have cooked protein on hand to just grab and go. Right now I have steel head trout and ground turkey burger patties in the refrigerator for my 1pm meals. However, tonight when I needed to eat dinner before a Kettlebell class, I microwaved a veggie patty (150 calories, 5 grams fat) and 1 (4 oz) turkey patty. That was dinner tonight.

This morning I boiled 7 eggs to keep on hand for my 1030am meal and also for the children if they need something fast and simple. So in my refrigerator I have approximately 72 eggs (from Costco!). I also always keep egg white substitute in the refrigerator for making turkey meatloaf, meatballs for my meatball soup, and any baked item I make that requires egg. It helps to cut down on the fat and cholesterol by choosing the egg white substitute, but I don't like it scrambled, so I will use 4 egg whites and 1 egg yolk when making scrambled eggs.

Being prepared is sometimes 1/2 the battle when I'm running around all day long and need the right foods on hand.

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