Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Step Backwards

Today is the first day I have felt good enough to get back on the computer. I thought I was in for a little set back not feeling well. I totally underestimated where my body was heading. I had the full on flu with chills, no energy, no appetite, and zero functioning. I feel much better now, but I wasn't well enough to do a leg workout downstairs. I'm hoping that I feel good enough to go to Kettlebell tomorrow evening. I'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, it feels like a complete set back after being right on track for the past week. A few days is not a complete loss, but mentally it's a little more challenging.

Unfortunately days like these happen and I just have to understand that it's a part of a "process' not the "end of the road".

On a Friendly Note:
On a good note...I have a friend who is just doing so well with her workouts. She's still learning to track her food and get her nutrition where she wants to have it, in order to lose some more significant weight, but she's conquering a huge part of the goal.....CONSISTENCY! It will trickle over given enough time and focus.

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