Monday, June 13, 2011

Kettlebell Basics

Looking back on all my experiences with learning about and how to use the kettlebell, I'm glad I had private lessons last year with Paul Daniels when I was training for my first competition. He is an amazing kettlebell coach, who is dedicated, caring, and raises the bar. After the one on one coaching, I entered his weekly classes. It was an easy transition, because I had already learned the basics. However, what I like about his classes is the time he takes to coach one on one all the new people who enter his class while he has the rest of the class working on sets and reps. He's good at raising the bar in the class too. There are may sessions where I'm just pooped and ready to stop. That's when I know I've had a good workout.

Due to time constraints I worked out with the kettlebell at home tonight at 8:30pm. I worked out for approximately 50 minutes. Here is what my hour was like:

1st I did 4 sets of 25 swings with rests in between.

Then, 3 sets of combination routines with a rest period between each full set of a combination of moves (if that makes sense):

20 alternating swigs, 10 cleans each side with 5-10 single alternating hand swings in between, 10 alternating clean and presses, then 5 alternating swings in between, then 5 high pulls.

Then another 2 sets of the combination above, with 10 upright rows, and 10 bentover rows alternating sides.

Then I decided to focus a little more on lower body.
I did 4 sets of the following combinations with rests after a full rotation of a combination.
20 (2 Kettlebells) deadlifts, followed by 10 squats with single kettlebell, followed by 20 alternating lunges.

At the end of the workout, I did 3 sets of oblique work whereby Paul had taught us to start on our knees and rotate from side to side. I think the class decided to name these "little prayers." I'm not religious, but it's a cute name, and the oblique exercises really work.

Anyway, it was a fantastic workout. I definitely sweat a whole lot more with a kettlebell workout than running.

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