Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When workouts don't go as planned

Tonight was not what I expected. I had planned to go downstairs to run tonight BY 8:30pm. I ended up having to have a long talk with my older daughter. I know the time I spent talking with her, listening to her, and hugging was important, but it certainly put a cramp in my workout. I didn't get to workout until 9:10pm. By that hour I'm pretty much mentally wasted, pissed off, and feeling sorry for myself. Nonetheless, I went downstairs with a pissy attitude and feeling sorry for myself, but I RAN!!!!! I stayed on the treadmill for my designated 35 minutes. I was a little ferocious with the treadmill at different times. I think I batted the machine a few times with my hands to get out some aggression, and then stomped a little while I ran to express that frustration, but I did make it through the end. These are the days when I just count every second, and tell myself "I'm almost at 10 minutes, only 5 minutes until 15 minutes, 5 minutes until 20 minutes, and now I only have 10 more minutes until a cool down." It's an arduous process, but it keeps me going.

"Might as well lose weight....while I'm pissed off."

Oh Yah...my husband got downstairs at 8:15pm for HIS WORKOUT. Hmmmmm


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