Sunday, June 19, 2011

Taco Night is Every Night

I've gotten on this kick of eating tacos for lunch and tacos for dinner. It's been satisfying an urge for Mexican Food. It's the simplest thing to make, and I vary the meat I used depending on time and effort.
I heat up two corn tortillas (140calories total), add Salsa Fresca I made, and then add 3-4 oz of cooked lean ground turkey or chicken leftovers or canned white chicken meat if I'm desperate.

Nutrition Today:
830am: protein powder, peanut butter, banana, ice, water blended for my morning smoothie as usual.
1030am: 1 pear 1 hardboiled egg as usual
1pm: 2 ground turkey tacos (see recipe above)
3pm: Promax protein bar (chocolate favorite)
545pm: 2 ground turkey tacos (same as above)

Workout Tonight at 8:30am:
55 minutes kettlebell workout:
4 sets of 25 swings for a warm up
4 sets of the following combinations: 10 alternating swings, 10 cleans on each side, 10 alternating swings, alternating clean and presses, 10 two arm swings, two arm upright rows, 10 overhead tricep extensions. Rest after each complete set.
4 sets of the following combinations:10 two kettlebell two arm swings, 10 squats with 1 kettlebell, then 8 bent over rows with each arm, 5 alternating swings, then 5 snatches each side. These sets totally wiped me out.
3 sets of the following combination: 10 kettlebell sit ups and 10 leg raises with kettlebell above head.

Yesterday was a rest day...and today was a little hard going downstairs tonight. I wasn't sure if I wanted to run or do a kettlebell workout. Last week I only did kettlebell Monday and Wednesday. They were pretty tough workouts, but I really wanted to get one more Kettlebell workout in before the week was over.

Tomorrow will be a run day. I just bought some new running shoes yesterday at Road Runner. I'm going to try them out. I had my other running shoes for 2 years and finally I think they had broken down enough to warrant me buying another pair. I know the recommendation is to buy them every 6 months or so, but they are pretty expensive to have to replace that often.

Hang in there for those who are on a quest to change their body. Every day is different emotionally, physically, and nutritionally. You just got to ride the bumps when they surface.

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