Sunday, June 12, 2011

preparation is key

Absolutely, unequivocally, preparation is key to a successful body transformation. Prepare in your mind all the foods you will need to have available the night before the chaos of the next day with housework, children, calls, demands, bills, and driving that we all seem to need to get done.

If I don't prepare, the morning will slip into the afternoon, then the evening, and without fail I will  stumble. If I don't eat enough food/or enough calories, or I don't take food everywhere I go with me, or I eat too many supplements in the day then I will definitely be struggling mentally and physically.

Unfortunately, preparing meals for myself is only one part of the equation. The other part is preparing all the meals the kids will need to eat during the day too. I know that can be stressful, but it can be even more stressful having to take the time to stop somewhere for food, spend money you didn't need to spend, and having them eat food you may not have wanted them to eat in the first place.  We parents are pack-mules for our children when they are young. It's just the nature of the role. With that in mind, I think that if there are many foods in the refrigerator and in the cupboards that can be easily put together the night before or in the morning while making breakfast, then it will probably reduce YOUR stress of having to deal with many external factors that I already mentioned.

One of the things that is well known is that the human brain is happy when it gets to compartmentalize and organize information or for that matter, tasks. In this day and age we can get inundated with information and obligations and frankly get lost and lose focus on the absolute essential things to do in a day. Perhaps one way to stay focused is to decide WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TODAY.

I know there are certain bills that need to be paid. I know I have to have meals ready. I know the kids have to be schooled. I know that they also have a class usually after school. Other than that, I can pick and choose the things I'm going to focus on today.

If laundry got behind this weekend, then I'll focus on laundry. If I needed to send out emails, go to the dry cleaners, or pick up something specific from the store then I can do some of those things while I'm already out and about. The thing is that when I'm running necessary errands, I always have my food with me. It's often I will pull out a meal while strolling through Target, the market, the library, or while driving. Literally, if the clock says 10:30am, 1pm, 3pm, I am eating. I always bring another gallon of water in the car when driving, because I'm not always somewhere that I can fill up my water bottle.

Anything else in the day that doesn't need attention can wait. AND I don't need to talk all the time at lengthy intervals with friends. Once every two days is good enough. Really! How many new things are there to talk about that are REALLY THAT IMPORTANT.

There is a lot of time wasted on lots of stuff we just don't have to do. Recently my husband and I decided to get rid of our Cable access to television viewing, a magazine subscription, extra clothes taking up space, and a few other things. We are just trying in various ways to simplify life. It need not be complicated to have a fulfilling life. In fact, I have found that cutting some things out has made a huge difference My mind doesn't have to focus on those things anymore and can make more room for more productive endeavors.

Finding what works and doesn't work right now in your life is something only you can do. I 'm only sharing my experiences on how I manage and focus on the absolute important things in my life. Everything else can wait or disappear.....

Tonight's Workout:
35 minutes treadmill : walk 7 minutes, the rest run.

Food Intake:
Same breakfast, snack, and lunch and snack got exchanged. Lunch was a protein bar, and the snack was some salsa fresca & lowfat meatloaf I made from ground turkey. Dinner was 4 oz. pork & broccoli.

Lots of TEA today.

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