Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 4: Group Kettlebell Workouts

I was driving home from kettlebell this evening and I started to think how important the energy and connections of any group is when working out with others. It's comfortable, low key, unpretentious, and enjoyable to be in such a wonderful group of people. I can't say that about every exercise group I've been apart of. It's been a long time since I've worked out with others, but as I recall, many of the group classes I've attended at fitness centers did not always feel comfortable.

I have to say that going to the kettlebell class at Cal Elite Sports Center in RSM is something I really look forward to. This part of working out is important to me, because even though I am self motivated, having a class that I feel comfortable in helps during those times of "I don't want to go....but i know I have to go" moments.

Tonight's Fitness Program:
Kettlebell class with Paul Daniels: for 45 minutes. It was awsome.
I love the thought of knowing that the kettlebell really shapes the body. I came home and had a 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder (75 calories)

Today's Eats:
830am: 1scoop protein powder + 1 Tbs organic peanut butter + 1 large banana= approx. 400 cal.
1030am: 1 bag apple slices from Costco + 1 hardboiled egg = approx. 150 cal
100pm: small sweet potato+ ground lean turkey + pepperocinis + sliced jarred red peppers = 250-300cal
300pm: 1 protein bar 290 calories.
5:15pm: (earlier than normal because of an early kettlebell class) 1 veggie patty + ground turkey = 225 cal.

Total with 1/2 scoop protein from above: = approx 1400 calories (give or take50 calories).

Plus I had two mango ginger chews + 1 piece of gum + 4 or 5 32oz water throughout the entire day.

At the end of the day or anywhere in between I'm not usually hungry. Today I was not hungry at all. My fat intake before my workout was about 5 grams of fat and after the workout it was "0". Fat is definitely in the morning, the 2nd meal, and at 3pm mostly. Most of my diet is pretty balanced in fat/protein/carbs. Portion size is EXTREMELY important. For a period of time when  I trained for my first competition I had to use the food scale to measure my protein. It's easy to get too little or too much.

In the frig right now....
I have left over steel head trout & ground turkey which I have been using for the past 3 days. It's vital that I have prepared food around so that I can grab and run.

Another very successful day.

good sleep + good exercise + good eats = happier me + emotionally more balanced + physically and emotionally able to handle various stressors throughout the day without snapping.

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