Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 5 - Diabetes

Day 5-
It's Friday and the week went by so quickly. Tonight I kept my exercise to a minimum with only 30 minutes running on the treadmill + 5 minutes cool down. Tomorrow morning I'm going to the Kettlebell Class Paul Daniel is having for FREE from 730-930am. I didn't want to exhaust my muscles, since I just finished working out this evening(915pm) and I don't have a long time to recover until the morning workout.

My nutrition intake was similar to yesterday, except that I had about 3 oz of Steel Head Trout & 1 1/4 veggie patties. It's my yummy right now. I just love those veggie patties. My other yummy is having Roasted Red Peppers in a water/brine. You can get them at the supermarket. They are next to the pepperoccinis.

Diabetes and Lifestyle Conversation:
I was having an interesting conversation today with someone I know. It was interesting because in light of her having diabetes and managing it somewhat with the modification of food and mostly with medication, she said to me that I should try to let up a little on the the nutrition/fitness regiment and be more involved with social functions that involve food, and perhaps the intense regiment or structure that I live is placing too much stress on my body.

Of course, my first internal reaction was that the regimented nutrition and fitness program keeps me happier, balanced, and more capable of handling all my obligations. When I am not working out and don't eat well everything seems to bottom out. I commented on the fact that I have been involved with social functions but I just refrain from eating if I'm not hungry and choosing carefully what I eat when I am. In addition there were other factors that have played a significant part of my stress.  I have been working hard to manage the other factors, but as everything, it takes time to see significant improvements.

On the other hand, my internal thought about her was that she needs to be less lax about social situations that involve food so that she doesn't have to manage the diabetes with medications and doctor's visits, and she really needs to start some kind of consistent exercise program, wherein exercise is not just something that "I'll see about whether or not I have time to do it" but builds it into her daily routine.

Sometimes I'm left stumped for words when I am aware that diabetes can be managed and eliminated with consistently healthy nutrition and fitness, and yet the person who I was speaking with not only knows that, but chooses to wait until the doctor says to take the medication and go to a class for diabetics. I understand that it is important to take medication, but the other things need to be built into her daily routine. Yes, it's hard. No, we don't always want to do things we don't like. Yes, it's hard to get started. Yes, it's hard to stick with it.

There's a NO, NO, and a YES, YES for all of our thoughts about exercise and nutrition, but it still doesn't change the fact that the body needs to move and needs to be fed properly or I know for a fact that I will see some of these same ailments in my future if I play the NO NO YES YES game.

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