Friday, December 17, 2010

I love to eat

I love all those yummy foods during the holidays and even when it's not a holiday. I like all the fattening, high calorie, salty, and sugary stuff. Today I made 5 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange party I went to for homeschoolers. It was fun baking them with the children. I made semi sweet, white chocolate, and peanut butter cookies. It smelled so good! It was hard not to eat the batter. The batter is probably the best part as far as I'm concerned. Can you believe...I didn't have a single lick or single bite or single cookie! I just knew if I had one cookie I would want more and I would want to sample each one.

Instead I stuck to my program. My 4th meal was a chocolate chip protein bar, which satisfied my desire for a cookie. I know that someone out there may think I'm crazy because I should probably relax and have a cookie. But honestly, it's not going to help me achieve my next goal. I realize it's the holidays, but it's also a time when I need to focus on my training. I could wait until January 1st, but then I'll only have 3 months until the competition, and I'll just get further away from my goal. I really want to compete in at least one more competition. I want a 3rd or 4th place trophy to prove to myself that I can do better than the last competition. It may not happen, however, I do know that I can look even better than I did at my first competition.

Honestly, I just feel better when I don't eat all that C---. My emotions, my body, my attitude, everything is just 100% better. So for me, it's worth the sacrifice. I already gained a little weight from October 30th-the beginning of December, and I am not interested in having to work that much harder to take off more pounds to meet my goal.

With the parties and continous stream of holidays throughout the year it would be easy just to cave in. Just because it's December doesn't mean that being fit is out of style or "grinch-like".

I had a great day at the cookie exchange talking about homeschooling options and the lifestyle. If anything, the conversation really fed my body what I needed.

Tomorrow morning Paul has Kettlebell at 7am. I just finished working out tonight and I am hoping to drag myself out of bed, if I can get some quality sleep tonight. Otherwise, I'll go to the Super Sunday cardio kickboxing at Cal Elite.

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