Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tea and Comfort

I love tea! I drink it about 2-3 times per day. I have  favorite tea, which is the decaffeinated Good Earth tea. It has a very rich flavor perfect for the fall and winter months. It's a very strong tea, so I use one tea bag for at least 24 ounces of hot water. I found another tea at the grocery store the other day. It's called Egg Nog Holiday Tea. You can tell I love my comfort foods and drinks! This tea smells just like egg nog, but without any calories. I like the Good Earth tea better, but the Egg Nog tea is a good alternative.

I drink tea because I like the warmth, and it's calming and soothing mentally and physically, and keeps me on track nutritionally. In fact, I'm wanting a little nibble of something right now, so I'll probably have a cup of tea before bed. It really provides me with the feeling of having a "comfort food" without having to eat a comfort food.

Today's Workout:
Kettlebell at 7am

Food Today:
same banana protein powder smoothie that I always have with banana and peanut butter.
1030am: 1 egg and 1 package of sliced apples
1pm: I was in a hurry and grabbed a protein bar
3pm: another protein bar. I rarely have more than one per day, but I was a little unprepared today
530pm: dinner halibut & 1 veggie patty.

Vitamin Supplements:
2 calcium chews today & multivitam/mineral supplement.

4 (32oz) bottles of water

Tomorrow is supposed to be a day off. I'm debating about whether to go to super sunday cardio kickboxing at Cal Elite 730am tomorrow. I want to go, but the body also needs a day of rest.

It's important to learn new ways of coping if the old ways are not working.

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