Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sleeping well

I know when I eat well and exercise consistently I sleep better, feel peaceful, and I'm sure I am smiling when I am sleeping. Something like sleeping well after eating and exercising well in one day feels like a "reward".

It may sound odd to look at sleeping well as a reward, but everything that makes me feel better, happier, and calmer is really a reward of enjoying life more.

Kettlebell Training:
Yesterday and today I attended kettlebell. Both days I had great workouts. I plan on working out at home tomorrow night, thenThursday back to kettlebell class, Friday at home, Saturday at Kettlebell, and Sunday a day off. This is what my schedule will be like this week. Kettlebell always makes me feel stronger from the core to the extremities.

This week I'm taking moment to moment when eating. I have been planning my meals ahead of time, so it's easier to just grab meals and run out of the house as needed. Tomorrow I'll be out of the house pretty much all day until 615pm, so I'll be loading up the cooler for the children and me.

This morning I went to the market before the children woke up. I bought bananas, pepperocinnis, red bell peppers in a jar, and chocolate chip cookie dough Promax Bars to have what I want on hand for my morning and afternoon meals. When I don't have all the things on hand at home then I'm most likely not able or not willing to stay regimented. When I have all that I need It's easier and I have to think less.

Tonight was just a hodge podge of things to share. My mind is a little bit all over the place, so I'm just sharing lots of different thoughts about a variety of subjects.


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