Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2nd Day blogging

Yes, I know....not the most flattering picture. I guess I could have put on some foundation to even out my tone....oh well.....

These are my Invisaligns I was talking about. There are positive and negative points about having these things in while I'm training.

The bad part is that they cut down on how many meals I eat per day. I didn't really think about it at first, but discovered that over several days of not eating as much...that I was probably going to force my to reduce the metabolic engine,  therefore sabotaging my efforts to accomplish my goals.

It's a fine balance between trying to get cut and not restrict oneself from eating too little. I must eat my 5 meals a day at set intervals so that the body can work more efficiently to drop fat. If I eat too little, the body will think it's starving, and will pull lean tissue from my body.

So, now I find myself having to take the Invisaligns out more often, and it's just a bummer. I have to carry a toothbrush with me everywhere to clean my teeth and clean the Invisaligns before putting them back in.

Can you see how my lower teeth need the invisaligns? I don't want to end up with jagged teeth when I'm older. I don't think anybody will want to kiss me.... :) So, I'm starting now in my 40's so no one can look at me one day and say....." .....I'm not kissing her. "

The positive side of having invisaligns when training is that I don't have to use a mouthguard. Some people who workout need to use a mouthguard so they don't bite down, clench, and break the teeth.
I don't really have this problem when I workout, but the invisaligns will help protect my teeth from getting damaged, just in case I decide to lift a lot of weight...or get pissed off at someone.

Workout this morning:
I know (your thinking it's not much of a workout) compared to my prior workouts.

I'm still limiting myself to a 30 minute run on the treadmill, followed by a few minutes of cool down and stretching. My legs were stiff this morning, because of the Smith Machine Squats I did yesterday. I did 4 sets of 12 yesterday...which is completely under my expectations....but my legs were feeling it this morning.

After the treadmill, I alternated 4 sets of sit ups (25 each set) and 4 sets of hamstring curls (20 each set)..then I added for the first time, 4 sets of raised hips with 25 lb wt on my abdomen to increase the difficulty.

I started my workout at 6:30, ended at 7:30. Showered, dressed, came down to fix breakfast for kids and get them started on school.

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