Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update on daughter

I was looking back at some of my posts...

The last entry prior to taking a huge break, my daughter had a severe injury. It was pretty bad, and I was pretty miserable watching her in so much pain. Sleepless nights for both of us and lots of cuddling throughout the school days were commonplace.  I would have traded anything for me to feel the pain instead of her.

I pulled her out of gymnastics, and she was out for 8 months. The tendons around her ribcage had been pulled from her muscle...It would be a matter of time before it healed, if the tendon wasn't severed from the muscle. (Otherwise, surgery would have been the only option).

During that arduous period, we decided it was a good time to sample some other sports. But in the end, she wanted to go back into gymnastics. I put her back in months later, then she ended up with a hairline fracture in her foot. Great! ...not even from gymnastics...just from walking at the park. What a mess...
So, out she went from gymnastics again. Since life challenges come in 3's, next, I broke her hand!

It was crazy. We were playing handball, and I told her specifically not to hit the ball, because I wanted to show her something. So, I went to hit the ball really hard, and she stuck her hand right under mine...and the pain...was memorable! She liked the pink cast however.

I think that entire year was a blur of doctor's visits and changing life circumstances...which I haven't mentioned.

I was clearly not in the mood to compete again. Parental instincts and family issues always take priority over a competition. I still continued to workout, but over time it did get less and less, and my focus on my family, friendships, and homeschooling took priority...

Now, fast forward to today....would I or could I have done anything differently? No. I think that there are times when other parts of one's life become more important than one's self. Do I wish I had been Superwoman and been able to accomplish all of it? Yes, but fantasy is one thing and reality is another. Within chaos, I think I've grown the most. I look at obstacles as a welcome door mat outside my front door.

And this, I pass on to my children.....

Workout today:
I had an hour workout this morning. 1/2 hour running, followed by 4 sets double handed kettlebell swings, 4 sets kettlebell presses, 4 sets of alternating swings to shoulder lifts.

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