Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Period.

Nice Subject!

The reality is that every month, if you are in between THOSE ages, your going to get cranky, bloated, cramped, emotional, or all of above.

Month to month the repercussions of cycling manifest differently. One month I will be incredibly cranky and want to rip someone's head off, another month I will be crying for no apparent reason, and sometimes the cramps are so painful that I will take an Ibuprofen -or two.

The other day my friend texted me and asked me if I was cycling, because we normally cycle together. It's not a crazy phenomenon when you spend a decent amount of time with your friend, somehow the two people always end up on the same cycle.

I said, "no...but ask me in a day or two...and I probably will be."
It's less than two days later, and I'm on my period...

Today is Thanksgiving and I have cramps and I wanted to lay in bed longer, and that is a great excuse for not working out. 

So, I got up and worked out! 

What's important is what is important. 

Each day an excuse exists for each one of us. Giving in and excusing yourself, as if you were excusing yourself from a day of work, school, homework, taking out the trash for trash day, feeding the cat when the bowl is empty, not driving your kids to a class because you don't feel like it, should not be an option. 

The priority takes precedents over thoughts and feelings as long as there is not something that is overwhelming more important, like a family member needing to get to the ER.

Right now, the vegetables that need to be cut and cooked for Thanksgiving are not a priority. 

It's morning still, and the kids have generously and excitedly donated their time to cutting vegetables, so working out and showering and still getting everything ready for Thanksgiving is doable. Take the time for yourself, everybody is usually better off when mom is content.

Happy Thanksgiving

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