Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The other day I mentioned that I took BCAAs. BCAAs are Branched Chain Amino Acids. They come in capsule form from NutriSport or NutriStop or any other bodybuilding/supplement store. 

Basically they are the chemical structure of specific amino acids, which prevent the breakdown of muscle and help your body recover from exercise.  Amino acids are what you find in the protein you eat, so by ingesting amino acids you are helping your body to create or keep muscle, and as a side benefit it can make you more alert.

On the surface you may think that your body doesn't really need this kind of stuff, but it may. Intense and continuous exercise will start to have an effect on you mentally and physically. You can't see it on the outside of your body, but in time you may start to feel drained and not know why- then quit your program:(

Supplementing the body with certain nutrients is a good idea. I like protein powder and BCAAs  - and of course I take a multivitamin daily as well. 

I can get too lazy to take other supplements (like fish oil capsules or flax, even though I think these are great supplements. 

1 hr. 10 minute Exercise Routine Today:
30 minute run (stayed at about 4.2/4.3)
4 sets two arm kettlebell swings
4 sets one arm kettlebell swings alternating with shoulder presses
4 sets overhead tricep curls with kettlebell
4 sets bent over dumbbell flyes


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