Saturday, November 24, 2012

Planning a Vacation

The girls and I are going on vacation in less than 11 days. We will be gone for 5 days, which of course leaves me without a kettlebell and all my creature comforts of working out at home. 
So I've been mulling over various scenarios to get workout time in each day, eating the correct foods, and still being able to keep on a tight schedule of making our way around Washington D.C.

I've decided to contact the hotel this week and ask them to cook 12 hardboiled eggs and place them in the refrigerator upon our arrival. Eggs are a great way to keep the protein levels high and the fat content plenty. The cook will be able to prepare plain cooked vegetables and chicken upon request, and bottled water shouldn't be an issue. 

I will need to find out if there are any markets near the hotel to grab any extras I need. But getting all these necessities in order is not only for me. The girls will also eat much of what I do, because it will keep their tummies full and satisfied without craving crap. 

The last thing will be to find out what I can or cannot bring through the terminal area of the airport. With all the restrictions with container size, no bottled water, etc... I want to make sure that I can pack foods which I will eat on the plane. 

It may seem like an ordeal, but the reality is that preparation is key to success. The details will make the trip run smoother both for me and for the children. Less time wasted thinking and stopping at a restaurant will mean more time at the various places we can visit in D.C.

This is my cooler that I bought from some time ago. I love this bag, because it's large enough to accommodate snacks, lunches, and drinks that the girls and I need when we are out of the house all day when we go places. However, this is also the bag that many stewards and stewardesses use, because it has excellent insulation, and the backside of this bag has a slot where you can attach it to rolling luggage, making airport travel easier. 

Workout Update:
ran 30 minutes (pace is getting faster)
4 sets kettlebell swings
4 sets dumbbell chest presses
4 sets lat pulldowns
4 sets kettlebell shoulder presses
4 sets tricep pushdowns with rope

Tomorrow is my one day a week day off.

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