Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Sleep is so important to feeling the motivation and ability to have hard workouts. 

Last night I didn't get enough sleep, just a lot of sex (LOL). I was up way past my bedtime, so this morning when I needed to drag myself out of bed at 6:20....I was lethargic and my body heavy.

If you find yourself in this position...not the sex part, but the went-to-bed-too-late part, there is hope. 

Don't eat as much during the day!

It seems like I'm joking, but in all seriousness, I'm not. Eating light has it's benefits. One, the mind is more alert (that is, if you are not starving yourself), and when you need to perform it's easier without the food weighing you down. 

This morning's workout started with a 30 minute run to my favorite music. Music excites me, and there is no better way for me to get a good run then with tunes that quicken my pace.

Today I worked lower body, however, I do sit-ups, which are technically not a lower body workout. They're the in-between, so you can stick them where you want.

4 sets of hamstring curls, I think 15. I had moved the weight up a few weeks ago, but now I think I'm ready to readjust the weight up again.

4 sets of sit ups on the ball, 25 each. I love the ball. You can position your feet further or closer to the ball depending on which part of the abdominals you want to concentrate on. These give a good workout.

4 sets of kettlebell squats, 20 each. I could feel it in my arms as well, since I have to hold up the darn thing. 

4 sets (or more...lost track of my counting:) of 10 weighted butt' /hip extensions. I have to find a better name for this exercise. I've done it for years off/ on and the name always fails to stick in my brain. I put the attachment around my ankle, attach it to the lower part of the lat machine, and while on my knees (doggie style) I kick my heel up towards the ceiling. 

...and then it turned 7:40am and I was done!

I could hear the closet door open and close from up in my daughter's bedroom, so I knew she was getting ready for school. 

I don't feel sleep deprived right now, but at around 3pm, I'll guarantee I'll be ready for a nap.
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