Monday, November 26, 2012

Mondays & New Months

I was thinking about how programmed we are with Mondays and beginnings of new months being the start for many new fitness programs. 

My opinion is that it's dangerous to do that. I think it's best to start anytime when you think that you can start changing your diet or start an exercise program. 

Starting out simply, without having unnecessary pressure the beginning of a new month or week poses, is a good thing. Just ease into it like we expect our kids to when they are starting a new sport. We would never ask our kids to play as hard as the could or to do everything possible the first day of any sport.

Easing into either the fitness or the nutrition part -not both- does so many good things. The first and most important part is that it lays down a pattern of consistency. If change is the goal, then consistency must be apart of that goal. I've never known a person who was successful without consistently trying, trying, and trying again. It's virtually impossible to get good, really good, at something without consistently practicing. 

So, let's say you already know about what to eat and already know what exercises you want to do to change your physique, but can't find the time or energy or stay power to do it all. Then, start out with changing one thing today. If you can do that one thing for one week, you have created some consistency in your life. It may be a small accomplishment, but when you add one more thing the next week, and another after that, pretty soon the changes will be monumental. 

Take an entire month to just change a few things without backsliding. You will feel so good physically and mentally, which will in turn give you the momentum to move forward. 

Here are some of my favorite mental focusing tools to help you succeed.

The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (also in audio format)

Anthony Robbins (success tapes: there is some mild religious references. Either way use it to your advantage if you are not religious like me).

My Exercise Program Today:
30 minute run (instead of running at 4.2 I ran at 4.4)
4 sets of Smith Machine Squats
4 sets Hamstring Curls
4 sets Oblique sit ups on ball
4 sets Deadlifts (weighted))

2 BCAA (Branched Chained Amino Acids ) after the workout.

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