Thursday, November 29, 2012

While Waiting to Arrive

I think most people intuitively know to cut down portion size, cut out the rich foods, and exercise in order to transform.

What I don't think people are willing to do is to give it enough time before they quit their goal. People want to see the impact of their efforts immediately show up with a flat stomach, less hip, or less thigh in an image of how they imagine it should look. But the body doesn't reshape itself that way. The body reduces in size overall, so you still get to see folds or fat or whatever eyesore you are obsessing about -even while you are actually transforming. The body will hold onto what you wish wasn't there until your size has reduced dramatically enough to see those eyesores go away. It takes time. Did I say "it takes time?"...IT TAKES TIME!!!!! It takes the time it takes until you have arrived:)

The best way to judge your accomplishments is weighing yourself on the scale on a consistent basis. I weigh myself every morning before I workout. If I've eaten correctly then the scale will eventually move down. If I have been working out on weights it may not move down, depending on how much muscle was added and how much fat in relation to that muscle has decreased. But eventually the scale will move. 

The other way to measure your success is by the way your clothes fit. Regardless of the increase in muscle, the clothes will hang better if fat has been lost. 

Look at the successes on a microlevel...not some outlandish concept of what you think should be...because of images you have in your mind of what "should" should look like. 

Basically, I had to get this long thought out before I get to what I was really going to say. 

While Waiting to Arrive I think that it's critical that you have things to do that occupy your attention, that make you excited to be alive, and that make you feel really good about every day existing. 

I run into a lot of people who don't really have much in the way of things that make them gung-ho, but are just doing their daily responsibilities of getting through the day. 

It's funny and not so funny. Here we are living in the nation of plenty and so many people seem bored. It's true that daily responsibilities get boring, but your life can be so much more.

Things I love to do include playing the piano, listening to music, listening to audiobooks, reading, researching an interest on the internet, designing, attending my AU (Americans United) monthly meetings, gardening, going out to the movies, discussing politics/religion/ or any hot topic, going out with friends, and organizing. There are more, but I won't bore you. It's important for me to have things other than exercising or thinking about the June Bikini Competition 2013. 

If I sit there thinking about me and my body...I will get really bored. Right now, I'm dying to go downstairs to play the piano. I love the way music feels in my heart, my soul, my skin, and just everywhere. I can't get enough of music in general.  It doesn't cost anything to go downstairs and play...and it's all about me -not the kids, not the husband.

Since I am a homeschooling parent, I'm with the kids much throughout the day...which is great, but then I need me time. 
In fact, one of the things I did this time around was NOT to work out with my husband in the evening. I carved out the morning time to workout instead. It was twofold. For one, I was having a hard time making time in the evening to workout, because everybody seemed to demand my attention. Secondly, I needed mental and physical space to focus on me. My husband can easily go downstairs and watch the news or a program between sets and dilly- dally for an hour and a half or more and accomplish what he needs to, but I cannot. 

So my biggest suggestion for you if transformation has been hard to stick with is start with a small goal related to food or exercise and then let your body do the work it needs, while you focus on a few things that make you incredibly excited about living. 

I would be curious to hear some feedback on this subject.
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Today's Workout (1hr, 10 m):
30 minute run (mostly at 4.3)
4 sets flat bench press dumbbell presses
4 sets lat pull downs
4 sets ball assisted push ups
4 sets seated machine rows.

General Category of foods I ate today:
hardboiled eggs
banana, protein powder, peanut butter
corn tortillas
home made salsa
black beans
BCAAs & multivitamin

picture of me practicing posing with make up one month prior to competing at 43 years old.

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