Sunday, November 25, 2012


One of the goals of my blogging is to give ideas about how to successfully reach your goal, without compromising the things you love to do. Yesterday, I blogged about vacation planning, because the reality is that during the holidays people like to travel, but sometimes find themselves unsuccessfully being able to do so while attempting to get in shape. 

Today I'm posting on MMO. MMO stands for Moms Morning Out...instead of the MNO, which stands for Moms Night Out. I used to go to MNO regularly once a month, but now I do the once a week MMO at the local Panera or Corner Bakery. My friend came up with the idea, because she has an infant and can't seem to swing the once a month MNO. The alternative was to meet weekly on Sunday after feeding her baby, while her husband was home taking care of the infant. 

It's worked out really well for me. Every week, I bring a large tea  mug, and fill it up with hot water, and squeeze about 5 lemons in it. While my friends are having hot chocolate, coffee, or lattes, I also have my hot drink. They order oatmeal, eggs, bagels, and bacon, and I eat my hardboiled eggs and rice cake. I fit in, and they don't think anything of it. 

Eating breakfast out is very different from eating dinner out. Dinners out make me feel pressured to order something that looks like everybody else's, whereas breakfast is one of those meals where anything goes. Some people eat breakfast, some people don't, and most eat very differently from one another. So, there is no pressure to conform. 

I just spent the last 3 hours hanging with my friends, and now I can spend the rest of the day with my family. I had me time, but I also get family time. 

I will continue the MNO if it come about once a month, but I much prefer the MMO. It's a great alternative, and allows me to get my "mommy-friend' fix for the week. 

Movies Out (MO):

I love going to the movie theater as well. I tend to go more often with my friends than I do with my husband, because getting a teenage babysitter is tougher on a Friday or Saturday evening. One of my favorite eats is popcorn. I could eat popcorn any long as it has butter and salt...but that's not very realistic or healthy and will not help me reach my goal

My friends get popcorn, so I get to smell it, which I love, and I bring a water or hot water with lemon and I seem to feel totally satisfied. I know you are thinking "well that's not satisfying at all." Well, yes it is! It's a matter of mentally modifying what is satisfying. Look, realistically I'm not going to get everything I want and expect that I can compete in a bikini competition; so it's good to get creative and think about what can work for me. I love the smell of popcorn, and in fact, it probably tastes better through the nose than it does when I eat it. I know for a fact that when I eat popcorn, my body really doesn't feel that great, so these are the mental tricks that I use to help me stay focused.
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