Friday, January 11, 2013


These are so beautiful! I had bought 6 Granny Smith Apples for making apple pie during Christmas, but ended up making a pear walnut crumble instead. I bought an apple peeler/corer as well, but never used it. 

A few weeks ago, our science co op group for homeschooling used the apple peeler to create scraps for a worm compost we were making for biology/life science.

It was so much fun to use that I pulled out the peeler yesterday and peeled the 4 apples left. I loved the fact that the end result was appealing, appetizing, and artful. 

The children loved eating them like this, because they didn't have the peel, and the apples were much more fun to eat. Even the skins were fun to eat. 

I think if one can make food fun or interesting and keep it simple, eating simply becomes exciting. 

Eating is not just about taste, but about having an experience. going to a exotic restaurant is as much about different foods as it is about the smells and the sights. One doesn't have to eat a lot to have this fusion.

Workout Today:
30 minute run
4 sets oblique sit ups 
4 sets hamstring curls
4 sets leg extensions
4 sets leg presses

I supersetted the hamstring curls, leg extensions, and sit ups. I was under pressure this morning to get my workout done so that I would have time to make breakfasts and lunches before we had to leave the house at 8:30 for a nature science class this morning. 

Just when you think you can't squeeze in a workout, because you have so much going on....rethink your attitude about your priorities. You can squeeze in the workout, even if you have to abbreviate it. Make most of the lunches, get all the clothes out that need to be worn, and pack the car as needed the night before. That way you ensure that time has been carved out for the workout. 

It's of no surprise that a day or several days can go by without working out if you don't think about how your going to manage your time. I'm not saying it's easy, but I am saying that it's easy to let days slip away without working out...if it's not in your frontal lobe.

Plan .... plan....plan.....
Life is easier if you plan ahead.

Foods I ate today:
hardboiled eggs
protein powder, banana, peanut butter smoothie
brown rice cakes
pinto beans
Vitamin Supplement

(I know, I know...where are my greens?) I made spinach with garlic, olive oil, and onions for the family, but didn't set some aside without the oil for I didn't eat it. 

Back to the drawing board tomorrow.

FYI: Thank you friends for your comments, questions, and thoughts (which were not posted on the blog). It's given me many ideas about what is of interest to you. I will continue to post recipes, steps to reach your goal, and little tidbits of information that help you succeed.

I have two posts coming up:
  1. one will be on a hair product that is very interesting
  2. second "Getting Unplugged" which I will share more well as give you a link to another website with some pretty spectacular ideas.

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