Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shampoo & Conditioner for Losing Weight

Sorry for taking a few days off from blogging...I got so busy that I couldn't find the time. My daughters are attempting to move up a few classes in a music class and therefore I've had a lot of homework correcting and music solo practices to attend to. 

Aside from that I'm very excited to be back into my blogging. I've been wanting to blog on some hair products I've been using. However, I do not have any results to share with you. My hairdresser told me about them, because I told her that during the last phase of training for my last competition, my hair started to thin. I think I was getting so thin for my frame that my body was pulling nutrients from the hair follicles to feed the rest of me first. 

My hairdresser said that she had lost a lot of weight a year or two ago and that her hair was starting to thin. She told me about these Redkin products and said that the hair was starting to grow back in about a month of using the products consistently and as directed. 

Even though I'm not ready to compete yet, I thought I would try using these products as a preventative measure. 

They have a tingly sensation on the scalp, but not bothersome. The shampoo lathers up really well, which I like. The second product looks like a conditioner, but the hair doesn't have the silky smooth feel that I expect after using conditioner. 

The third product is a pumping foam that you put in your hair after towel dried. Then I use the regular blow drying products I normally do to style my hair. 

I've only been using the product one week, so I don't see a difference yet. I'll keep you posted.

Foods I ate yesterday:
banana, protein powder, peanut butter, water, ice cube smoothie
hardboiled eggs
sweet potato
ground turkey with seasoning
red bell peppers
BBQ'd chicken
Vitamin Supplements

Workout Today
1/2 hour running on treadmill. I'm getting faster naturally. What I mean is that at 4.2, 4.3, and even 4.4 my running feels slow. However, if I bump up the pace to 4.5 I'm actually working it a little. I didn't have to put any effort into bumping it up. Naturally, the body just seems to want to go faster now, because it's had time to adjust. Listening to the body is really important.

Two arm kettlebell swings
one arm kettlebell swings
supersetted the following: bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, upright rows, bent over alternating rows.

I am starting to see more changes in my body now. The skin seems tighter and the muscle underneath is apparently more developed. I'm not so squishy. I'm still not sure if I can get back to the place I was in the first competition, but I try to let that thought go, since what I have now is what I have to work with. 

I would be sadly disappointed if I didn't feel fit enough to compete, but I sure like the process of challenging myself. Why it feels so good is that it gives me something else to focus on that is not about the family. I hate to be some selfish parent or role model, but there are just so many things I enjoy doing for myself and I want to do as many of them as I can. 

Lately I've let my piano practices slip, because the kids have needed to take over the piano to get their studies in to advance in music, and the time I want to sit down to practice is the time they need at the bench. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to talk about getting "unplugged" (the word of the month).... what I'm doing and giving you some ideas of what you can do to get unplugged.


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