Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My absolute favorite sports bra to wear is called the TATA BRA. It can be purchased at LULU LEMON at various shopping malls. 

It lifts and holds really well while running -and to me being able to run comfortably and not feel gravity taking a tole on your chest while exercising is crucial. 

The sports bras come in all different colors. I have this one and a black one. 

However, they are expensive...but the reality is that any good bra is pricey. But they are totally worth it!

Also an added benefit is that the breasts look larger than they really are:)

Workout Today:
30 minute run
4 sets machine tricep pushdowns
4 sets bentover flys
4 sets on the kettelbell doing 20 swings, two arm bicep curls, two arm overhead tricep extension, followed by upright rows.

Total workout time : 60 minutes

Foods I ate today:
hardboiled eggs
corn tortillas
combination of onions, garlic, beans
banana, protein powder, peanut butter smoothie
baked potato

I was in a weird mood food wise today. I wasn't really focused on being balanced. As you can see I forgot my greens. Stupid me. 

I was feeling a little nauseous when I was working out this morning....due to menstrual cycle starting. While my workout was relatively good and my food intake was okay...I've just been a little off today.

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