Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting out of a bad Mood

I definitely feel happier today. The last few days were a bitch to be me -crying, worrying, and feeling ticked off to name a few emotions. I really didn't want to be in my own skin. If I could have popped out of it and been anywhere else, I would have. 

What helped me the most was to get multiple books from the library to read under a big blanket and stay full force on my nutrition and fitness program. 

The first two days of reading Chocolate for Seniors really helped. Then some of the excerpts were boring me, probably because I was reading for hours and the momentum got to me. I decided to start We Learn Nothing and Wow what a read. Tim Kreider writes really well. He has a vast vocabulary and knows how to use it effortlessly, where as some writers try to use a grand vocabulary but do so with obvious exertion. He does not. I love psychological, thoughtful, logical, and humorous books. He does a great job at intertwining it all. 

The second thing I did  was to get rid of the salads I'd been eating the last few days. They weren't providing enough carbs to sustain my energy. I went back to having yogurt instead of greens. The carbs from yogurt are significant in comparison. I love love love salads, but it was trying my patience as I was feeling hungry from one meal to the next. Evening meals would be a better time to eat a salad. The carbs are much less and the body does not need too much food while sleeping. 

The well known saying Eat like a King in the morning, Eat like a Queen in the day, and eat like a Pauper in the evening is a good rule of thumb. In essence, eat your largest meals earlier on. Eat higher, more complex carbs in the morning and the day...then taper off the starches and eat more greens at night.

Good body building meal

This meal I made for the family tonight. I sauteed onions & garlic in olive oil. I added ground turkey until the pink was almost gone. Then, I added the entire can of hominy, fresh chopped Oregano, 1/2 cup Pepperoncinis chopped up so the kids didn't get too much of a kick, then a few cups of spinach and green beans. It's an easy meal to make and very nutritious.

I did have some of this meal, but added many more Pepperoncinis and some red bell peppers and then put a healthy scoop of this meal on top. 

My Workout:
Sunday is a day off from working out.
Yesterday I ran 30 minutes & 1/2 hour of kettlebell workout. 
Awesome kettlebell workout! If you haven't tried working with a kettlebell, it's a must. Paul Daniels in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA teaches a great class. I do my workout at home, but learned everything from him. 

What I ate today:
1 chicken apples sausage ( 130 cal. 13 grams of fat)
hard boiled eggs
pumpkin seeds
corn tortillas
The dinner I posted above with veggies and ground turkey.

I definitely varied my meal today more than normal, but ate within the calorie range I wanted. It's important to mix your foods up so that one does not get bored and deviate too far. 

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