Sunday, January 27, 2013


Just a quick update on coming back from the ski trip. I had dropped two pounds while skiing. When I got home I looked up calories burned during skiing. I couldn't believe how much -300 calories minimum for downhill skiing. It doesn't feel like much work when skiing; however, at times sidestepping up a hill or the continuous pressure on your thighs while flying down the hill can be tiresome. 

I am hesitant to be thrilled with a two pound weight loss in less than 4 days, because I drank less water on the ski trip, and it can take a few days for the scale to register correctly at home. 

There are two bikini competitions coming up -one is March 16th and the other April 13th. I'm a little hesitant on doing the March 16th. While my weight will most likely be low enough (104 lbs approximately), I'm concerned that I will not be toned enough. I may need more time to tighten. I will NOT get on stage if I don't seem fit enough. The competition can be fierce. These women are in great shape....even over 45 years I want to feel that I am a real competitor. 

Here is the bikini that I wore in the first competition:

You can look at two year's blog around late October to see what I looked like in it. 

The purple suit is what I was going to wear and then got cold feet and changed. Good thing...there was another competitor at the time who wore this exact same suit.

I really liked this suit on my body from the front, but not so much on the rear end. The bottoms didn't hold me as well as I wanted around the tush. 

Congratulations to "Pinky" for picking some awesome choices for breakfast this morning at Moms Morning Out. Pinky likes to keep to a low carb diet by choice and wanted to share her food choices with me this morning, so I took a picture. 

We went to Panera this morning. "Pinky" brought this awesome looking boysenberry yogurt, almonds (which is the cadillac of unsalted nuts in my opinion), a hardboiled egg, and bought  coffee). 

If any of you blogger viewers are apt to share your experiences or want me to post something about what you are doing that is healthy in food or nutrition or thought...I'd be glad to showcase your experience.

No Workout Today:

Yesterday's Food Choices.

mixed stir fry vegetables
white chicken
banana, peanut butter, water, ice cube, protein powder smoothie
rice cakes
hard boiled eggs
chicken breasts

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