Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fast Reps and Slow Reps

Briefly speaking, most people do the standard fast reps. You lift the bar then bring it back to position, and then do this over and over again until your set is reached. Fast reps are usually done by those who are unfamiliar with various gym techniques or are looking for endurance and strength from the lifting.

Fast reps are great for what many women want to accomplish, however there is something to be said for using slow reps. Slow reps usually entails counting to 4 on the way up, pause for 2 sec., then 4 counts on the way down. It's a way to build muscle by increasing blood flow to the area. DON'T think that you as a woman are going to get huge doing slow reps. Quite the contrary. If you are not on 'roids or some mass building protein/ diet, you'll do great. The more you can lift, and even the slower you lift, the more fat you will burn. When you see women who are well cut, but not huge, they are lifting heavier weights, and most likely doing a fair share of slow reps. 

So, if you need some butt' lifting or stomach building or deltoid rounding, you may want to try slow reps instead of fast ones. 

Yesterday I chose slow reps for my lower body, targeting glutes, hamstrings, and abdominals. Today I focused on slow reps again for the chest and back. Will I do this consistently? probably not. I'm apt to switch back and forth to confuse the muscles -to prevent a plateau - however, I may stick with using slow reps more often than not while exercising glutes and hamstrings. 

The last competition, my upper body may have been too built, and I am thinking about going for a softer look instead. I'm still working out the kinks. 

IF you need a visual for the slow reps.... here are some pics to demonstrate:

seated in the leg press machine

feet flat against the plate

rotate the black bar, so that you can lower the plate with your feet. 
count 4 sec as you bend knees almost all the way. 
Then hold for 2 seconds. 
Then raise for 4 seconds. 

You can accomplish the slow reps on any machine or dumbbell or free form -such as in sit ups or push ups.

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