Saturday, January 26, 2013

Report from Tahoe

I'm back!

I had a fantastic time skiing, being unplugged, and nutritionally in check.  

I skied for two days and was away for three. 
The weather was absolutely gorgeous the first day.

Then the second day towards noon, a storm was starting to come in. But I skied anyway for another hour, plugged into my iPod Shuffle and rode the slopes with music.

I did not workout on top of the skiing. Five hours the first day and 4 hours the second day was plenty. My uncle and I went out for my birthday the first evening. I ordered a starter dish of Ahi, vegetables, and Udon noodles -The Udon noodles broke my gluten free plan...but I don't think it was a horrible thing. I had one extra side of the Ahi, because I needed more meat in my diet. 

I did not buy any food on this trip. To my surprise I was able to get all my calories on the foods I brought -hardboiled eggs, salt free walnuts, bananas, apples, brown rice cakes, and Promax protein bars, yogurt, and Vitamins.

Some of the things I want to emphasize on how I unplugged were reading A LOT near the fireplace, in the hotel room at night, and in the bathtub. Bringing my own food was another way I got unplugged from the typical routine of eating out. Skiing both with and without music. Skiing by myself. Taking pictures. Having amazing conversations with my uncle and not worrying about how long they took even when they took some time away from the slopes. Just being present felt good. 

Last night I was thinking about working out -it was my first day back home- but I didn't. Instead I chose to start this morning.

And I got back on track with eating vegetables. I stir fried some vegetables in a nonstick pan and added 1/3 of a can of canned white chicken from Costco.

Tomorrow, I will most likely take the day off, since Sundays are my regular day off. Then, back to my 6 days a week in the gym starting Monday. 

The vacation did not ruin any of my competition plans. It helped it if anything. I was able to shake up the monotony of eating some of the same things and exchanged gym workouts for the outdoorsy sport. 

I have had my fill of being away from Southern California. It did psychologically much good to be away. 

At the end of March I'll probably start trying on my modeling suits and see what kind of shape I'm in for the competition. 

Tomorrow I'll try to post the outfits I'm considering.

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