Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Are your ABS showing?

Me...this morning
I hear many people complain about not having great abs, but they constantly profess to ab' exercising regularly. As you can see not all my abs' are coming through on this photo this morning...and frankly they are not until I'm very close to my contest weight. You can have a flat stomach, but you won't see the abs' until you get rid of the fat. It's simply the only way to see them. And for women who have birthed a child (or not, perhaps)...the little saggy thing that hangs below your belly button also won't disappear no matter how many crunches you do --until you change how much and what you eat. It's all about quantity & what you do and don't put in your mouth and how much body fat you have. 

I will seriously look too thin on my face and upper body during contest time, but as far as the lower 1/2 of my body...it will look pretty good. It's not going to look great, because it's just my tough area. Most of us have an area that is deficient in your eyes or somebody else's eyes. 

My husband is a great example of a person who looks great no matter what. He has the perfect proportions and looks amazing in an on/off season....however, if you were to critically judge his physique during the on/off season you would critically say his legs are his deficiency. 
Hubby...52 at the time

Unfortunately, he came with better genetics than I, so I must work harder to look as good, while he will be able to carry it off better during a contest. 

In addition, if you are pushing 40 or over 40 watch out for portion control! You can be doing a great job at reducing how much you eat, but if you don't see the scale budge after a few weeks (assuming you are lifting weights)...then you need to reduce your portion size. 

I was all pissy and depressed - not really:)...but certainly discouraged and amazed- when I realized at 42/43 that I couldn't eat as much as I used to. The portion size had to drastically reduced even when I was exercising. 

So, if you are ready to be in shock....just take the decreased portion size slowly week by week. Don't get discouraged about losing the size, be happy that you are so much smarter and relaxed as an older person. 


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