Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The last few days I've been wanting to sleep in when it's time to get up to workout. I open my eyes and think wouldn't it be nice to lay here and fall back asleep for a few hours!

However, at 6:15 I'm up and start my morning routine of going to the bathroom, weighing myself, brushing my teeth, getting into workout clothes, filling my water bottle, and getting into the gym downstairs in the garage. 

This morning when I opened the man-door to the garage, it was absolutely freezing. I know for a fact that this would have been another excuse for many NOT TO WORK OUT, because it would have been mine too.

Normally I take off my workout hat after 5 minutes of being on the treadmill, but the early morning freeze had me so cold that I kept it on for the entire workout. My hands were bundled inside my long sleeves while running, and during the weight training I wrapped my workout towel around my neck and tucked it into the collar. 

For the most part you can see my whole gym. The leg press is near the garage door in the back of the photo. Next to it is a Lat Machine. Then the big machine with what looks like spikes is the Smith Machine, and then the Treadmill I run on 6 days a week.
On the far left lower corner you can just make out the leg pad for the Hamstring/Extension Curl Machine. 

On the wall, behind the red headrest of the bench you can see one of the window vents to the outside. There are two of these on this wall which allow that freezing cold temp to come in from the outside. 

If these excuses are not something that you have to contend with then perhaps the variety of holiday feasts during the December month are. 

The thing to remember is that when you get into the groove of working out and eating well more than just your body changes. Your focus on what you value, what you want, and your determination, and discrimination for this or that changes. The old habits that drop away and the new habits that start to form need time to solidify. It could take weeks, months, or years. It's important to be flexible and prepared. 

My workout today:

30 minutes running on treadmill (4.4 mostly)
4 sets ball assisted sit ups
4 sets Smith Machine squats
4 sets Leg Press Machine
4 sets Deadlifts

Foods I ate yesterday:
banana, peanut butter, protein powder smoothie
hardboiled eggs
rice cakes
breen beans
variety of bean/grains from a soup I made
ground turkey, onions, garlic
Greek yogurt
5 huge workout bottles of water
Gummy Vitamins

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